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July 4, 2008

O Beautiful

With flags flying high and the fresh scent of watermelon wafting in the wind, I wish you all a happy forth of July. Happy Birthday America! I adore fireworks, so tonight I will see the rocket's red glare in spewing splendor once more. For this reason mostly, I love this day! Rose early this morning and washed the patio window. My gosh... it let in the dawn's early light. Amazing! A first light sampling of tonight's festivities.

In America I can still live very well no matter how starving an artist I am. There's always somewhere to get food; I have a solid roof over my head, a real carpeted floor, and can always thank God for air conditioning this time of year in sweltering Florida! Most of the time I'm glad this is my country, and at other times I want to move to Australia where at least I could have a kangaroo for a friend.

Have a great holiday weekend and remember me as you're cooking out with friends. After the fireworks, I'll be spending time alone with Marilyn, my knife, and the unopened "whine." !Sigh! (see previous post)

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