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August 9, 2011

Howdy Do!

Wanted to share a link with everyone to the mini artisan "KArthur's" blog. She's having a GIVEAWAY SO..... you might want to get in the running! If you're working on a dollhouse her excellent work is a must see. You may just need what you win. Ooo fun! ... just hop on over and see for yourself!


June 24, 2011

Catch-Up News!

I'm now up and running fast. When I get major busy I seem to ignore this sweet little blog and its followers. So we don't go eons without seeing each other, and I seem to be lost, thought I'd link you up to all of the places my work can be found online with descriptions as to what's where. It might also help you understand why I go so long between visits! .·:*¨♥Angee♥¨*:·.....{{{ hugs }}}

WonderWorks Studio
A little taste of everything I do is for sale in this NEW STUDIO. Things that aren't found anywhere else too. Mostly the miniature one-of-a-kind works that will fill you with wonder and leave you asking... How? ♥ Handmade Dollhouse Toys ♥ Chic Dollhouse Furniture ♥ Dollhouse Decor ♥ Whimsy Gingerbread Houses ♥ Mini Art Dolls ♥ Roomboxes & Mini Vignettes ♥ Tiny Thing Rings ♥ Jewelry ♥ Clay Painted SceneScapes ♥ Original Paintings ♥ Prints & Notes ♥ Handmade Beads & Supplies

ETSY :::
AngeeArt ~Etsy
Antique & Vintage ♥ Charms & Tags ♥ Sculpted Pens ♥ Painted Rocks ♥ Handmade Jewelry ♥ Sculpted Ring Keepers

HeadlineDesign ~Etsy
Graphic Designs ♥ Logo Design ♥ Banners & Avatars ♥ Calligraphy ♥ Original Fine Art Paintings ♥ Notecards

Visualicious ~Etsy
Closed! Getting ready to open with Do-It-Yourself Download Tutorials and KandyKits to make my "Fruity Cuties" edible candy jewelry. This shop will carry all the supplies needed to make my beautiful candies. Check out my sold items in this shop to see what you can make!

WonderWorks ~Etsy
Tiny 1:12 Scale Dollhouse Collectible Handmade Miniatures

AngeeArt ~FB "Like" me!
Get to know me. I welcome comments and networking. Keep up with my new creations and daily posts of OOAK not yet released, soon to be listed and newly listed from AngeeArt.

WonderWorks ~FB "Like" me!
My " WonderWorks ArtFire Kiosk" Browse and purchase right from Facebook everything that is in my ArtFire Studio. Purchase without having to sign up, join, or login. This page also posts newly listed WonderWorks items, available for customer messages and chats about custom works.


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May 27, 2011

Wonder Worked Vignettes

"Champagne Celebration for Two"

Thought I'd share my most recent little series of inspirations. I made a few tiny dollhouse 1:12 scale bottles. After painting labels on them I wound up adding other coordinating pieces to make little vignettes. I think they're cute and plan on putting a couple in my "rehabed" dollhouse when the time comes. Check them all out below. Click on the photo titles to go to their shop pages at WonderWorks for more photos and descriptions. You can even easily and safely purchase there through PayPal.

I also realized I could make just the bottles into pendants for those who love their cuteness but are necessarily collectors of miniatures. So, I am now taking custom orders, with personalized labels!


Everyone enjoys a nice cool beer poured into an ice cold glass along with their pizza supremes! These vignettes include the trays ... metallic gold, pewter, woodgrain, and shabby white to arrange them on.

"Supreme Pizza & Beer"

Finally a little red vino and grapes on a warm lazy afternoon. It would look so real on a tiny table between two chairs, stationed on a dollhouse porch.

"Wine & Grapes for Two"

Enjoy! See more newly listed things at http://WonderWorks.etsy.com

April 11, 2011

New Tiny Toys

Mini Pink Princess Village PlaySet for Miniature Dollhouse Playrooms or Toy Stores

I've listed some new tiny toys for collectors, dollhouse playrooms, or miniature toy stores in my WonderWorks Shop on Etsy as well as in my new WonderWorks Studio on ArtFire.

Tiny Toy Rainbow Choo-Choo Train PlaySet Handmade from colored clay and golden seed beads

Visit both WonderWorks places often to keep up with what's new.

Little Red Houses & a Tree PlaySet

Ducks in a Row Pull Toy with shiny glaze

Hope you enjoy having a look and have a great week!

March 26, 2011

itty bitty new stuff

"Rustic Castle" Tiny Rustic Castle for Boy or Girl's Dollhouse Room

"Rustic Castle" magic has,

A tiny cobblestoney path,

That leads to green tree snuggled gate,

Beneath the purple tower place,

Where every girl's Rapunzel fair,

Lets down her silken golden hair.

On the back sweet balcony,

With climbing vines and smallest leaves,

Where Romeo declares his woes,

To all the dragons far below.

Purchase this tiny magical piece in my new Studio

WonderWorks Studio on ArtFire

March 17, 2011

Eensie Weensie Pink Flamingos

I'm a proud mama!

Just had to share my latest custom order that was the challenge of all challenges... a flock of 1/4" = 1' scale (one quarter inch equals one foot) Flamingos!

That means that the smallest Flamingo that measures just about three feet tall in realtime would measure 3/4" in this scale. And so, they do!

Approx 3/4" tall and, most measure 5/8" long from tail to beak. :)

So tiny with wire legs, so sweet and cute all dressed in pink!

Ah yes, the pics make them look red, but alas, they are flaming flamingo pink in realtime.

Made the first flock. Because they were so small I was afraid they would quickly burn when curing, so, under-cured them and they fell apart.
Several survived so when I made the second batch I included the first batch's leftovers and they turned purple from curing too long. Ugh! But wait! What if I made whole flocks of different colored flamingos...yeah, and then what about flamingo earrings?

February 25, 2011

New News

Spring is in the air and I can't wait
for flower season to begin!
Buy these directly through my Facebook page.
Custom color requests welcomed!

"Flower Patch"
A hand sculpted statement ring
covered in very tiny, very colorful flowers.

"Girlie Patch"
A hand sculpted statement ring
covered in tiny purple and blue flowers
with Swarovski crystal for a little bling.

Okay...Here is my newest news. Can't help but share these beauties that have become my latest inspirational craze. First the Little Thing Rings and then I went a little further just to see how I would do at this style. What do you think? ;)

"Brownie Patch"
A hand sculpted statement ring
covered in tiny brown and gold flowers
with a Swarovski crystal sparkle.

Not listed in any of my shops, I'm giving a whirl at selling these outright through my Facebook page with PayPal if anyone is interested. Feel free to "like" my page and post or message for more info on these beauties.
----> GO here: AngeeArt <--- "Sage Pear In Teal" (front)
A hand sculpted large pendant covered with tiny flowers
in tones of teal and green with blinky Swarovski crystal insets.

"Sage Pear In Teal" (back)

February 2, 2011

Put Your Finger On This Art!

Teeny Tiny Thing
R . I . N . G . S
Find Out More About Tiny Thing Rings at WonderWorks

My latest inspiration exploded in a new form. Tiny sculpted things, nestled in 1" silver bezeled rings... just loved making these. Statement rings have taken Etsy by storm and I was drawn. I wanted one. So as usual, made my own to share. Now I'm all up in the cocktail ring mix. No better place to display those tiny things I love to make ...

Put your finger on this art!


3D Green Tree

Butterfly Party

Cutie Fruit

January 21, 2011

Love Stuff

Gettin' Ready for Valentines?
Here are some of my most current beautimous listings
getting attention over at AngeeArt

Sweet Hearted Butterfly Pendant Necklace

This latest clay design is probably my favorite of them all. Rustic with a simulated oxydized copper finish, my one-of-a-kind cutout Butterfly Pendant Necklace rocks. The back closure is a sweet decorative copper heart magnet that is easy to hook and unhook so taking it off is a breeze. This is stunning when worn with a basic black dress for formal occasions or just as appealing with jeans for casual wear. Learn more
Freeform Sculpted Purple Heart Pendant with Glitzy Sparkles

Thought I'd get a jump on Valentines this year and share my newest creations that might appeal to those that need some... LOVE STUFF.

Sculpted Clay Broken Heart Pendant with a Coppery Finish