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February 14, 2010

Be My Valentine!

Here's a visual pig out for Valentine's Day! Check out this sweet surprise.

It's a little chunk of eye-candy love this Valentine's Day to all my faithful followers.

I made this cute, custom marzipan stuffed fondant pig for a customer on Etsy and thought I would share it with you. My grands so much wanted to eat it, but, I managed to get it mailed out unscathed.

Last week they raided my basket of 25 "ready to sell" candy bracelets and ate all but three. Boy was I upset, and boy were they wired for the day! I didn't realize they had gotten into it until I went into their room and found stickers, little bags and leftover sparkle elastic all over the room. "sigh" :o/ On a positive note, I guess it was proof positive they were delicious!
Hope your day is fiiiillllllled with lots of love.