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July 8, 2008

Marilyn Finito

HOORAY! I finished the painting last night and was thrilled and elated. After working on her sooo very long, I finally could sign my name. (a definite client insistance... "my name") I sat back, poured myself a celebratory glass of wine, and admired her!

This painting is very impasto which can't be seen in the photos. The thick 3-D strokes of paint all over the canvas darn sure stand out in person. She's larger than life, measuring 2'6" x 3'4" (30" x 40") The original, done in watercolor has an entirely different feel so I guess that makes my plagerism less dangerous! (shhhh don't tell!) I mean it's not like he's going to mass produce and sell the thing.

The client bought the original signed, limited edition print because he loved the abstract rendition. But, he really wanted one that looked like an original (substantially real) for his own pleasure. He's an avid art collector who just hates prints...even if they're signed limited editions. I'm proud to say he already has seven of my originals. A whole house full of "a.chase" work. The three-dimensional aspect of this impasto piece, when the light catches the knife strokes, gives the painting its own sense of being; a real classy art presence I'm sure he'll love.

I worked long and hard for this day to be able to share her with you, and the world. Sure would appreciate some comments good or bad. :o}

This project taught me how much I love painting impasto pieces. I had forgotten. Also, I'll never try and immulate a watercolor on canvas again!!! It will take you three weeks longer than anticipated, and then you'll still have to roll it into your own style. I guess part of the difficulty was not being inspired. That made it so much like work. But, when I came to the point of just surrendering and made it my own, as opposed to purely a "copy"... ahhh, it flowed.

Marilyn's finished. Hopefully I brought a fresh classy air to my portrait of Marilyn Monroe. After all, she did have a classiness about her to begin with!

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  1. My what TALENT. It is amazing that you are so successful in every medium. You have done a terrific job on Marilyn and you have done this far away from your usual realistic works. It's remarkable how you've made acrylics look like fluid watercolor. I am a believer that you can accomplish any and every thing you desire. You have a magnificent command over the medium, no matter what you're working with. Congratulations on another well done commissioned work.