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July 4, 2008

It's Marilyn!

Currently finishing up a huge commission that is probably the hardest painting I've ever done. The challenge is to take a very large 3.5' x 4.8' abstract watercolor print of Marilyn Monroe, and reproduce her into an original acrylic on canvas. I've spent weeks trying to make her look like an acrylic watercolor on canvas which is just ... impossible. Hello! The client wanted me to transform her from a smooth print to a rocking original. He only loves originals, so truly... what have I been thinking???

Struggled with the opaque acrylics and almost drove myself to drink over it. Even bought a cheap bottle of wine to soothe my nerves just in case I got to the point of wanting to paint a moustache on her lip and start over. Haven't popped the cork yet!

Last night I gave in. Finally decided to go completely in the other direction, toss the brushes, and work with a palette knife. This, I love!!! It's coming along much better. Now that I've surrendered to the desires of the canvas, she should be finished sometime this weekend. Will upload a photo for all to see her "impastoed" magnificence when she's done. Then I'll sit back and drink the wine in celebration!

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