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November 18, 2008

Pumpkin Mouse Whimsy House

Announcing "Pumpkin Mouse Whimsy House" the latest addition to my "Whimsy Gingerbread House Series." As promised here's the first listing with my new camera. Although it's almost a little late, (actually it's great for any miniature collector's season) I'm thrilled that I can finally photograph and list it for sale.

There are currently four houses in the series that have been released so far. Click to see them all.
Halloween Gingerbread Whimsy House
Haunted Gingerbread Whimsy House
Tiny Classic Gingerbread House
Pumpkin Mouse Whimsy House

Coming Soon...remaining 2008 editions:
Blessed Bounty Whimsy House, Sugar Sweet Whimsy House, Miracle Manger Christmas House, and then the Ice Castle Whimsy House.


Awwwwsome! Today my art was included in this interesting zebra Treasury on Etsy. Can you find me? My teammate from the Etsy Military Brat Team
"SockMonkeyGreetings" is the curator of this Treasury. (click on name to see her shop)
Did you find "Little Zeb" my painted stone? Just had to feature this treasury because first, I loved the arrangement and zebras, plus, I hadn't shown my painted rocks on this blog!

"Killing two zebras on one stone!" (lol...I just crack myself up!)

November 16, 2008

Fondant Artisans Arise

Most people drive to work in the mornings. Those, such as myself, who are internet artisans arise, go for the coffee, and begin their day online. We drive computers and cameras to be able to stock the virtual shelves in our shops! See this photo example.

These gourmet edible sculptured "Assorted Beauties," are now listed in my Visualicious Shop. They make an excellent gift for those who are hard to shop for or anyone you want to impress with your (ahem)... good taste!

Anyway, I have been fairly anxious lately because I had over-used my camera borrowing power, and could no longer impose on my neighbors and friends. I haven't had the ability to feature my latest holiday inspired designs for this year yet, and it's been driving me crazy.

GREAT NEWS! My new camera arrived on Friday. Took some test pics yesterday and am excited about finally being able to get my 2008 Door Mouse Ornaments, my Gingerbread Bounty House, the Whimsey Pumpkin Mouse House and a couple of other works into a shop and available for sale. This is on my agenda for the coming week. So, be looking for new photos.

November 13, 2008


LolliShops is a juried, online selling venue for talented artists, collectors of vintage and art supply vendors. Don't know how it all works yet, as the site has not formally opened, but looks like it'll be super cute and fun. Right up my frou-frou alley for sure. My SceneScapes and Whimsy Houses should fit right in. Nothing like a little more excitement.

November 9, 2008


Take a look at this blog where I was honored to be a featured Etsy artist today. KrisKroppin has a lovely blog. In fact it's where I found the new site with the blog backgrounds. I'm not tellin' what item was featured; you'll have to go see for yourself. But, I will give a hint that it's listed in WonderWorks! :o)


My Original Song "Fondle"
Hear me sing FREE while it lasts.

Found a site that lets you upload your original music for free. I have some original music that's just sitting around not being heard, so what have I got to lose? All songs begin as free downloads, then, as more people show interest and download them, little by little they go up in price... until you're famous! jk

So, I jumped on the bandwagon with "Fondle" a blues song co-written with Jay Sullivan and recorded in Destin, Florida in 2004. This is the song we chose to try out first. (if this does well there will be more) Sung by yours truly ..."me," we're hoping to get some download attention at an uprising price until we reach the max cost of .98 per. Downloads can also be used with your ipod.

We entered "Fondle" in the SongoftheYear.com's monthly contest a couple years ago and took honorable mention. But, since then, it's been only enjoyed by friends and family, so, now we'll see if they were all truthful about how they liked it.

Have a listen and Download it free while it lasts so I can get those prices moving up and supplement my income! lol! I'd also appreciate if you'd give it some feedback love right back here on this blog post.

November 7, 2008

Tiny Classic Gingerbread House

A classic gingerbread house covered in tiny sweets is my current addition to the Whimsy House series. It was listed for sale in my WonderWorks Shop yesterday and already has gotten quite a few views. The specifics, details, and more pictures are in that listing...go see. It fits within the size range of the "Halloween Wimsy House" and "Haunted Whimsy House". I love making these, and as I do am finding they look smashing in their collector cases all piled on top of each other waiting for their new homes. I have yet to list the "Whimsy Pumpkin Mouse House" that turned out adorable enough for any season. Can't share it until I get a camera SOON!!! Pray for me!

Contest Win!

I entered a contest at Polymer Clay Central.com in October and lo and behold... I won third place in the challenge! Yeeha! Here's the entry titled "Hurricane Sea" It's an original, sculpted, colored clay, scene. One of my personal favorites. See more of this kind of art at ClayScapes and purchase originals at AngeeArt.

They didn't allow entrants to do any advertising to garner votes so I won 3rd place based solely on their site visitors and challenge contest voters. The prize was a $25 gift voucher at PolymerClayProjects.com where now I have the hard decision of choosing what I want. Being a winner is fun!

A New Look

Okay! So, I was bored with the other look and had to change it up a little. I was in the Etsy forums today and clicked on a blog link from someone looking for people to feature. She had the coolest looking blog background. I found the place she got it from, sorted through the choices and spent the rest of the day playing. hehe! You're lookin' at my choice. Mmmm I love it...at least for the time being. Gonna have to learn how to make these and do my own!

Hey! Find great looking free blog backgrounds like this at The Cutest Blog on the Block.com They have a nice assortment of different styles and they're really easy to install because they come with dummy directions. :)

November 3, 2008


3-D Clay Sculpture "Beach Side" 5"x5" original.
Fine art prints and notecards at AngeeArt.

The original "Rainbow Trout" was done in colored pencil on watercolor paper. Available Limited Edition, artist signed, 9"x 6" print ...sold.