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July 3, 2008

First Light

After checking the etsy forums yesterday I ran across a thread about blogs. I'd started a blogspot in 2006, ran out of steam a couple of months after, and it's been defunct for all this time. I started another on MySpace, but that one seemed too busy and didn't get any serious attention. Plus, the blog there is just too troublesome to post and upload pics to. And... after all it is MySpace! Take a look at some of my pieces I have posted there. www.myspace.com/angeeart

So...once more I begin. Maybe if this one covers all my pleasures, I won't feel disinterested so soon. Got in here last night and wow has it changed. Much more user friendly than in '06. (maybe that's the kink) Made the header last night and today is the day I'm committing to a new one. A new beginning. A fresh, clean start. Wish me luck!

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