"I'm so creatively right brained... I lean!"

November 25, 2010

Thankful for my Gift of Creativity

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my faithful followers. No funky turkeys to show, no long drawn out story about what kind of potato we'll prepare for our feast...even though I am making my fam fav smashed ones! Once more I am here to share.

New 2010 Line of Handcrafted Clay Gift Tags @ AngeeArt

I am thankful for those that peek in from time to time to explore my ever inspired creations. Thankful for the friends from across the globe that enjoy my tiny contributions and pat my back occasionally. Grateful for the opportunity to continue a record of... my ever increasing world of wonder. Thanks for traveling along!

Take a look at my latest. These little clay gift tags are perfect for adding that extra special touch to all of your holiday or celebration gift packages. They make awesome wine or phone charms, and pendants too!

Jump on over to AngeeArt to see the whole line. I'm almost adding new cuties every day until this inspiration plays out. If you're interested in ordering custom or quantity, message me on facebook and let's chat in realtime. >>> Chat with me here: Angee ~ Fan my AngeeArt Page here: http://facebook.com/AngeeArt or

Oh yeah, almost forgot!!! Be looking for my new tiny "Captured Faeries" and "Bumble Babes" that are already at WonderWorks! I caught a whole tribe and just tonight found tiny homes for them. They'll be listed soon so you can have a Faerie or Bumble of your very own!

Again... No matter where you are, stop for a moment and make note of those things you're grateful for and say thanks!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!