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July 30, 2008

A Great Day!

What a wonderful day. It began with an Etsy convo from a customer who had viewed custom photos of this tiny Eeyore button I made for her, and sent rave reviews. Soon after, a trip to send mail. Got all the supplies I needed to complete my new edible sculpture project. Be looking for that coming soon!!!

Then, I received the mini tools (not gonna give away trade secrets) I had finally found again and ordered online. They arrived in the mail. YES! I lost mine 10 years ago when they were stolen. Finally could replace them. What a blessing. So, now I can really kick craft butt, and take names!

I recently joined the Etsy Military Brats Team who are today as I write, the Featured Etsy Team(click) with an article in the Storque. Below the Storque article was a Treasury of Brat member items. Lo and behold, one of my painted letters was featured. Superb!

Finally, I received my Etsy Brat Birthday Partner's gift. Literally sweet! Working on photos to upload of that. The Etsy Brats Team is celebrating their one year birthday on Etsy. Participants placed their names in a hat and were assigned partners to exchange gifts with. I got something else I loved and had lost years ago. My partner recreated it for me as a custom order and I made her a custom order. What fun! I'll be posting those pics when I get clearance.

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