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June 29, 2010

Treasury Challenge

Posted one of my treasuries on Facebook and everyone thought it was a collection of my art! Not! So I wrote a long post with info about Treasuries so I could show them all in one place and send people here to check them out. When I linked this blog with that long post on top, to my Facebook AngeeArt page, !!!woah!!! it showed the whole entry. Way too long. I guess now I have to write an entry post before the long one! sheesh ... I am soooo tech challenged!

June 28, 2010

Awesome Treasures

Recently I got caught up in making Treasuries on Etsy. They changed the Treasury rules and now you don't have to play the game of wait and snag to create them. Since they might be interesting enough to the rest of the world outside of Etsy, thought I'd share them here.

"Strange Beauty"

Curated by me @ WonderWorks
About This Treasury ::: Found several items that although they weren't earthy, somehow had that feel. I am so soothed by these natural color combinations. My intent was to use color and unusual items to create an overall feel of nature even though some items are metal, hard, and man made.
(Click image to go there. See full size with comments.)


Must admit I got a little carried away. Then again when I'm inspired I usually do. Wound up making four of them. What awesome fun gathering the work and beautiful items of some of the most superb artists and collectors. It kept me inspired until I had to reign myself in. Now my little brain is ticking... "how can I make them useful for all?" :)

"Red Glass Baby"
Curated by me @ AngeeArt
About This Treasury ::: The actual piece that inspired this entire treasury was the glass beaded knife handle. Knew I wanted to tackle red and it fit well. Had gathered quite a few different things when I decided to make it nothing but different forms of shiny red glass. Ahhh, but, I just couldn't leave the baby out! She was so sweet and perfectly red. Then the epiphany; she's as fragile as glass, and appears so; she fit. Thus the title.
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Etsy uses member curated Treasuries for the front page on the site. Members are discouraged from using them for self promotion. If one of my Treasuries is chosen for the front page I get billing as the curator. If everyone has a look, it will increase views and perhaps get more attention from the powers that be. :)

Curated by me @ AngeeArt
About This Treasury ::: O night ... dark black ... the daring color. How to create a "dark" treasury without it really being dark? There are so many awesome works in black, and so many these days appreciate it. (I had a black and white kitchen in the 70s. Talk about odd! :)) Tried to stay far away from a halloween look because that was not at all the feel I wanted to convey. Didn't want the really gruesome dark evil stuff with blood and fangs to scare away the regular guy. (ugh!) And, it's summer when everyone else wants to get all bright and colorful! Well, maybe not everyone. So, this worked, and pulled together!
(Click image to go there. See full size with comments.)

Etsy might also choose from among the treasuries that receive alot of comments and views. No one knows their reasoning in front page choices. Keeps things fair I suppose. Well, I couldn't collect a color coordinated assortment from among all of my items anyway, so it's yummy to find interesting items from various artists that work together to create a theme or feel.

"Almost Royalty"
Curated by me @ AngeeArt
About This Treasury ::: Mauves, lavenders, and purples are my favorite colors. Not that I live with them, but these colors please my eye most. Been that way all my life! So I gathered those things that pleased my eye: items as well as colors. I do choose artists that I think are very good, and interesting vintage things that are unusual and photographed well. This treasury and it's name inspired the poem, so, when this treasury was complete I included it.

(Click image to go there. See full size with comments.)


So here are my new Treasuries. If nothing else, they're inspirational; the point of this blog. If any of them are chosen for the front page we all win. Click a Treasury and hopefully you'll have a creative inspiration too!

June 5, 2010


My one-of-a-kind beads are each individually hand sculpted. See one that looks familiar?
Collect little shrunken heads representing each of your ex-husbands or partners. Hang them in your car or hang him on a chain around your neck. Warn new prospects against treating you badly! See my WonderWorks Shop.

Ahhh, check out this juicy French Kiss with a little tongue pendant/bead.

Each is individually handmade from clay. Glossy finish makes it have a realistic juicy shine. You sure will get some attention with this hanging off your fine silver chain.

Notes designed and printed using my original colored pencil rose drawing. These will be at AngeeArt next week in packs of 8 with square flap envelopes.

Thanks for reading. :)

June 3, 2010

Goodbye Little Friends! :)

On a happy note... several of my minis sold!

Tiny Dinky the Dino Dragon found a new home. He was carefully packed and went to live in Port Charlotte, FL. I hope he'll be happy in someone's special collection or dollhouse room with other boy toys. This inspires me to perhaps make some more dinosaurs and dragons! Hmm.

I also sold all my ducky toys. (gotta make more)They went to live in Boynton Beach with a sweet little collector named Michelle. I know they'll love being close to the water!

Guess this is a good way to start the summer (it's hot as blazes here already) on a happy note.

Bye little friends. Don't forget from whence you came! (shhh, i signed them!)