"I'm so creatively right brained... I lean!"

December 11, 2009


Have a delightfully tasty holiday and a happily delicious New Year!

December is here and once again I am no where ready for Christmas. As usual when the holidays roll around I am crazy with orders for other people's gifts and have to neglect my own. "sigh...humbug...haha!"

Pineapple Logs ~ Lime Trees ~ & Raspberry Spacers

!NEW! This year I've made some of the cutest ornate candy bracelets and will be listing them in my Visualicious Shop on Etsy this afternoon in hopes of selling them in time to ship before Christmas. (ok...the photos seem a little blurry but might be my eyes getting worse. They looked clear in the camera)

Sweet Sprinkled Lime Trees, Poinsettias & Gifts

Lime, Lemon, Vanilla & Strawberry Wonders

I'm also offering these cute little bracelets in "non-edible" form. They seem to sell so well as candy that I thought perhaps there were those who would prefer to pay a little more and get the real deal that will last and last.