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February 25, 2011

New News

Spring is in the air and I can't wait
for flower season to begin!
Buy these directly through my Facebook page.
Custom color requests welcomed!

"Flower Patch"
A hand sculpted statement ring
covered in very tiny, very colorful flowers.

"Girlie Patch"
A hand sculpted statement ring
covered in tiny purple and blue flowers
with Swarovski crystal for a little bling.

Okay...Here is my newest news. Can't help but share these beauties that have become my latest inspirational craze. First the Little Thing Rings and then I went a little further just to see how I would do at this style. What do you think? ;)

"Brownie Patch"
A hand sculpted statement ring
covered in tiny brown and gold flowers
with a Swarovski crystal sparkle.

Not listed in any of my shops, I'm giving a whirl at selling these outright through my Facebook page with PayPal if anyone is interested. Feel free to "like" my page and post or message for more info on these beauties.
----> GO here: AngeeArt <--- "Sage Pear In Teal" (front)
A hand sculpted large pendant covered with tiny flowers
in tones of teal and green with blinky Swarovski crystal insets.

"Sage Pear In Teal" (back)

February 2, 2011

Put Your Finger On This Art!

Teeny Tiny Thing
R . I . N . G . S
Find Out More About Tiny Thing Rings at WonderWorks

My latest inspiration exploded in a new form. Tiny sculpted things, nestled in 1" silver bezeled rings... just loved making these. Statement rings have taken Etsy by storm and I was drawn. I wanted one. So as usual, made my own to share. Now I'm all up in the cocktail ring mix. No better place to display those tiny things I love to make ...

Put your finger on this art!


3D Green Tree

Butterfly Party

Cutie Fruit