"I'm so creatively right brained... I lean!"

December 8, 2010

Have An Inspirational Holiday!

Christmas Tree 2010 ~ Custom for Jean

Hope you enjoy this year's pieces as much as I did making and sharing them. May they inspire the creative in you and keep you in a Christmas Spirit all the year through.
Custom order handcrafted 10.5 Knitting Needle Ends

Perfect Knit Witches
for a customer's boss
who collects witches and
loves to knit.
clay sculptures)

Custom Order
Handcrafted Keychain

Clay Sculpture Little Laker #4
Cookie Monster Keychain

Sweet Candy Ipod Touch

So my Santa duties are done for another year.
Now that my customers have inspired me...
I'm off to work on my gifts. Can't do the holiday empty handed!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

November 25, 2010

Thankful for my Gift of Creativity

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my faithful followers. No funky turkeys to show, no long drawn out story about what kind of potato we'll prepare for our feast...even though I am making my fam fav smashed ones! Once more I am here to share.

New 2010 Line of Handcrafted Clay Gift Tags @ AngeeArt

I am thankful for those that peek in from time to time to explore my ever inspired creations. Thankful for the friends from across the globe that enjoy my tiny contributions and pat my back occasionally. Grateful for the opportunity to continue a record of... my ever increasing world of wonder. Thanks for traveling along!

Take a look at my latest. These little clay gift tags are perfect for adding that extra special touch to all of your holiday or celebration gift packages. They make awesome wine or phone charms, and pendants too!

Jump on over to AngeeArt to see the whole line. I'm almost adding new cuties every day until this inspiration plays out. If you're interested in ordering custom or quantity, message me on facebook and let's chat in realtime. >>> Chat with me here: Angee ~ Fan my AngeeArt Page here: http://facebook.com/AngeeArt or

Oh yeah, almost forgot!!! Be looking for my new tiny "Captured Faeries" and "Bumble Babes" that are already at WonderWorks! I caught a whole tribe and just tonight found tiny homes for them. They'll be listed soon so you can have a Faerie or Bumble of your very own!

Again... No matter where you are, stop for a moment and make note of those things you're grateful for and say thanks!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

October 19, 2010

A Bird in the Hand!

These are my newest listings from WonderWorks... a rash of bird inspirations. :)

A while back I was inspired to make an itty bitty Flamingo. He's just the right size, measuring a whole 1.25" tall and resembles all those plastic pink things in Florida yards that everyone kids about!

So... the Flamingo inspired the Goose.

A wonderful little piece to include in any dollhouse garden area or even sweet for a child's mini room box.

And finally, the Goose inspired the Swimming Swan.

When researching the Swan, I found out they carry their babies on their backs. Didn't know that. So making her, taught me something new.

How sweet! So, of course I had to add three wee little ugly duckling babies that can be removed from the Mom's winged back to trail along behind her.
I can make a whole gaggle of geese, or a swarm of swans (jk) if you want some for your room box. Just get in touch and I'll be glad to whip some up for you!

Hope you like them.

October 5, 2010

Mini Sinks and Cooler Weather!

Fall just brings the romance out in me and gets those creative juices flowing. Seems I spend from September to December making lovely little gifts and creations for everyone and am left with no time to make my own! That's okay...I guess I have a little "Santa" in my blood! ;)

(New added photos of the finished sinks)

Happy October! Just popping in to give you all a peek at the new order from WonderWorks. Fun, fun, fun! Now I have everything including ... the kitchen sink! :)

They measure 2.5" x 1.5" tiny and detailed. Much harder to make than they look, that's for sure! Whew! {want one?}

Have a most wonderful fall...yall!

September 23, 2010

OMG! Hey!

I have forgotten all about you sweet little blog. So busy coming and going and doing and creating I have neglected to post. Sigh! Please forgive.

To catch you up on my latest endeavors...here goes.
In the last few weeks I was commissioned to make some Mod Mini Furniture for a client that makes music videos. Really curious to see and hear, although I may never get to. Anyway, here's hoping he'll let me check it out when finished.
Original funiture photo used to create from.

This is the finished set I created (sculpted) made to look like the furniture in the photo. Keep in mind, the photo furniture is realtime and mine is 1:12 scale. It was awesomely hard (since I had never done anything like it before) but so much fun to make.

Before doing this, I added these to my mini toy line in my WonderWorks Shop. Mostly boy toys that seem to be few and far between.

So, these little guys are now part of my new mini family. Oh yeah, I also sold a xylophone and my pale blue OOAK shiny vase.


And now my latest... I've opened a new shop on Etsy. For all this time I've avoided selling any graphic work (that I have a career in) there, because it sells so cheaply. Finally decided that selling pre-made designs isn't really so bad. So, make sure you go have a look see. If you need any graphic work give me a shout! :) http://HeadlineDesign.etsy.com

August 14, 2010

My Art & Vintage Was Included!

Okay, you know the saying "What goes around comes around." Well if you recall, awhile back I had a hay day making treasuries on Etsy. Posted them here because I wanted to share them with someone besides those included! I really had a great time hunting and finding some Etsy 'awesomeness', collecting and coordinating them together. I even found a couple of artists for interviews on my
Creative Class Blog.

Shortly after my treasury spree, I began receiving messages from people who had included some of my items in their treasuries. I didn't know any of these people and none had been in the treasuries I curated. To top it all off they were all really well done. WooHoo! (click on all the links and have a look-see)

First, Jane included my antique cast iron and silverplate corn daggers from AngeeArt in this thank-you treasury for answering in a forum post. "Thanks For The Memories"

Second, oddly enough right after the daggers, MS added my vintage ceramic corn cob bowls from AngeeArt to this very fun summer corn collection. You have to see this one! "As Corny As Kansas In August"

Third, Lily wrote, "I featured your pretty placemats in a treasury-check it out!" My placemats from AngeeArt, made from an original pencil illustration went in this one. "Chick Is Bananas"

Fourth, Heidi wrote, "I picked your beautiful stone portrait for my CATS treasury! So, my cat on stone was included in this sweet kitty treasury. He looks so good there. "Cats!"

And finally, Rose wrote, "Your lovely item is here in my Blue and Cream Vintage guide." My aunt's gorgeous ceramic tea & coffee service was chosen for "
Blue and Cream Vintage"

Can you believe this? Yep, it's true...pay-backs are heaven! ;-}

August 3, 2010

Sculpture Interview at Creative-Class

"Wife and Son of Dancing Eagle"
Allen and Patty Eckman
Want some super inspiration? Hop on over to my Creative-Class Blog for the promised interview with cast paper sculptors Allen and Patty Eckman.  The crystal clear photos they provided of their pieces will not only inspire you but, they'll take your breath away, especially when you realize they're completely made of paper! Yes...I said paper! Follow Creative-Class to stay on top of my up-coming, enlightening artist interviews.

July 27, 2010

Emma's Fingers & Toes

Sweet little Emma. She just turned 7 and requested these nails. She had a grand part in their design, after all, they were going on her nails and she deserved to have her favorite colors. I just loved painting these tiny emmatoes and fingers... that is after we soaked all the flip-flop dirty off! :) Now she's a little lady and knows what a green thumb is!

July 22, 2010

Awesome Artist Interviews

Last week I announced the opening of my newest blog Creative-Class and now have several interesting interviews waiting to be discovered. I'll be updating here with new items of interest on a regular basis. Enjoy!


ARTiculations Interview with
American Artist Robert Foster
Resin Techniques
Flowers For Real Jewelry

"The Creative Process" MiniView
Canadian Cartoonist Winston Rowntree

If you're an artist or artisan you may also want to follow Creative-Class. We're not only going to look at some great artistic creations, but will also be posting free crafting lessons, tips, and other fun stuff.

Everyone is welcome to contribute, so if you have any interesting tidbits you think creative individuals would be interested in, comment here and I'll be in touch.

Sweetheart Hotel Sells

Thought I would share the following sweet sentiment sent by the new owner of the "Sweetheart Hotel" #1 from my Whimsy House Gingerbread Series. At times I think it is the pleasure people get from my work that keeps me creating more.

Hi Angee:

Wow what a presentation! This is just awesome!!! You are so creative & talented, and I have a big happy smile on my face. Your little card with the instructions was perfect, no problems opening it at all, and I love the little lips, they look so cute in the sweet shop that I laugh when I seem them.

Thank you again, I really appreciate you making them for me and all the time & care you take to pack your house so carefully, it shows how much you care.


July 16, 2010

My New Creative Blog


Welcome to my latest endeavor ... a creative, instructional blog with artisan and artist interviews, photo classes, directions for crafty things, and whatever I can find that would be classy, creative, and most of all...fun!

To help get Creative-Class up and sharing I'm offering the following freebie to my Fellow Etsians...
Become a Creative-Class blog follower, leave a comment there, "Like" my AngeeArt facebook page, and I'll give you a free sidebar ad spot for your Etsy shop.

I'm also researching some awesome artists and artisans for featured "ARTiculations" interview spots. Let me know if you're interested!

July 5, 2010

American Nails

Happy Birthday America!

Yes, a little late, but celebrated with these funky fun July 4th fingernail paintings. I'm sharing them in honor of Independence Day. Done yesterday, they'll provide a good bit of fun for the rest of the week!

Five year old Katelynn, loved her nails. Red, white and blue stripes with tiny dots got her all excited. Then the glitter topcoat gave them a subtle sparkle so, she was more than ready for the evening fireworks.

Michelle enjoyed an intricately colorful "Stars and Stripes Forever" rendition of these celebration fingernails.

Half red, half blue with skinny white stripes, white flower stars and tiny white dots completed the look.

Thick clear gloss topcoat will protect them and keep them flying for quite a few more days. Pure fun for a Happy Birthday USA time.

June 29, 2010

Treasury Challenge

Posted one of my treasuries on Facebook and everyone thought it was a collection of my art! Not! So I wrote a long post with info about Treasuries so I could show them all in one place and send people here to check them out. When I linked this blog with that long post on top, to my Facebook AngeeArt page, !!!woah!!! it showed the whole entry. Way too long. I guess now I have to write an entry post before the long one! sheesh ... I am soooo tech challenged!

June 28, 2010

Awesome Treasures

Recently I got caught up in making Treasuries on Etsy. They changed the Treasury rules and now you don't have to play the game of wait and snag to create them. Since they might be interesting enough to the rest of the world outside of Etsy, thought I'd share them here.

"Strange Beauty"

Curated by me @ WonderWorks
About This Treasury ::: Found several items that although they weren't earthy, somehow had that feel. I am so soothed by these natural color combinations. My intent was to use color and unusual items to create an overall feel of nature even though some items are metal, hard, and man made.
(Click image to go there. See full size with comments.)


Must admit I got a little carried away. Then again when I'm inspired I usually do. Wound up making four of them. What awesome fun gathering the work and beautiful items of some of the most superb artists and collectors. It kept me inspired until I had to reign myself in. Now my little brain is ticking... "how can I make them useful for all?" :)

"Red Glass Baby"
Curated by me @ AngeeArt
About This Treasury ::: The actual piece that inspired this entire treasury was the glass beaded knife handle. Knew I wanted to tackle red and it fit well. Had gathered quite a few different things when I decided to make it nothing but different forms of shiny red glass. Ahhh, but, I just couldn't leave the baby out! She was so sweet and perfectly red. Then the epiphany; she's as fragile as glass, and appears so; she fit. Thus the title.
(Click image to go there. See full size with comments.)


Etsy uses member curated Treasuries for the front page on the site. Members are discouraged from using them for self promotion. If one of my Treasuries is chosen for the front page I get billing as the curator. If everyone has a look, it will increase views and perhaps get more attention from the powers that be. :)

Curated by me @ AngeeArt
About This Treasury ::: O night ... dark black ... the daring color. How to create a "dark" treasury without it really being dark? There are so many awesome works in black, and so many these days appreciate it. (I had a black and white kitchen in the 70s. Talk about odd! :)) Tried to stay far away from a halloween look because that was not at all the feel I wanted to convey. Didn't want the really gruesome dark evil stuff with blood and fangs to scare away the regular guy. (ugh!) And, it's summer when everyone else wants to get all bright and colorful! Well, maybe not everyone. So, this worked, and pulled together!
(Click image to go there. See full size with comments.)

Etsy might also choose from among the treasuries that receive alot of comments and views. No one knows their reasoning in front page choices. Keeps things fair I suppose. Well, I couldn't collect a color coordinated assortment from among all of my items anyway, so it's yummy to find interesting items from various artists that work together to create a theme or feel.

"Almost Royalty"
Curated by me @ AngeeArt
About This Treasury ::: Mauves, lavenders, and purples are my favorite colors. Not that I live with them, but these colors please my eye most. Been that way all my life! So I gathered those things that pleased my eye: items as well as colors. I do choose artists that I think are very good, and interesting vintage things that are unusual and photographed well. This treasury and it's name inspired the poem, so, when this treasury was complete I included it.

(Click image to go there. See full size with comments.)


So here are my new Treasuries. If nothing else, they're inspirational; the point of this blog. If any of them are chosen for the front page we all win. Click a Treasury and hopefully you'll have a creative inspiration too!