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July 20, 2008

Edible Sculpture? Yum!

After years of making tiny clay things for dollhouses, I finally got to try my hand at the real deal... fondant and gum paste. I whipped up these tiny sample candy veggies for Wendy's cupcakes; another Alchemy bid at Etsy. This first picture has the samples I sent her to choose from. The red cabbage, cob of corn, tomato, cauliflower, and artichoke were made from gumpaste. Gumpaste is a little trickier. We'll see which kind Wendy chooses. What do ya think? Click on the pictures to see the enlargements.

Wilton's new fondant works just like regular clay with a similar texture. The regular flavor tastes pretty good... "vanillaish" but can be flavored otherwise. Now I'm on a literal roll! Going to offer edible sculptures in my shops. Always wanted my sculpture to have a purpose and now it does; just wait until you see the new things I've come up with!

This second picture contains all the tiny veggie ideas I tried. See the differences in size? The first batch was too small to gain appropriate attention atop a cupcake. This is a whole new world of fun.


  1. I LOVELOVELOVE them!! Thank you, Angee!!!

    If you'd like to refer anyone to me when you submit a bit to someone's Alchemy request, I'd be so happy to give you a glowing review. :-)

  2. And those potatoes are adorable!