"I'm so creatively right brained... I lean!"

December 11, 2009


Have a delightfully tasty holiday and a happily delicious New Year!

December is here and once again I am no where ready for Christmas. As usual when the holidays roll around I am crazy with orders for other people's gifts and have to neglect my own. "sigh...humbug...haha!"

Pineapple Logs ~ Lime Trees ~ & Raspberry Spacers

!NEW! This year I've made some of the cutest ornate candy bracelets and will be listing them in my Visualicious Shop on Etsy this afternoon in hopes of selling them in time to ship before Christmas. (ok...the photos seem a little blurry but might be my eyes getting worse. They looked clear in the camera)

Sweet Sprinkled Lime Trees, Poinsettias & Gifts

Lime, Lemon, Vanilla & Strawberry Wonders

I'm also offering these cute little bracelets in "non-edible" form. They seem to sell so well as candy that I thought perhaps there were those who would prefer to pay a little more and get the real deal that will last and last.


October 27, 2009

Customer Inspired

I guess October is the perfect month for sweets. I've gotten a bundle of candy orders and that makes me smile.

A chocolate/coconut loving customer inspired my new Coconut Dreams and am now offering these delectable gourmet candies from my Visualicious Shop. Fresh ground coconut, ground so smooth it becomes a candy cream, is covered in a layer of thick creamy fudge and then wrapped in handrolled chocolate fondant.

These have now become my favorites. In fact I've made some coconut converts from quite a few friends who were not fond of coconut at all. They absolutely love these beauties! They're available decorated with fruity bows and stars or simple cocoa balls on top.

I worked to perfect the tangy fruity flavors for my "Fruity Cuties" candy bracelets. Each little candy fruit tastes as flavorful as it looks. (i.e. strawberries taste very strawberry, blue is very blueberry, etc.) They're better than ever now!

Have a sweet Halloween everyone!

October 11, 2009

I'm Back!

Seems like forever since I posted! Great to be here again. I appreciate the new followers and the great uplifting comments while I was away.

Spent the last couple of months moving to the NW Florida panhandle area to be closer to my family. Talk about creative. Moving in itself is a major project, but these days its harder and costlier. I had gathered way more "things" in my work room than realized, including loads of art & craft supplies. I might be opening another store on Etsy filled with vintage and overstock to lighten that load.

I'm still not settled in completely which makes it difficult to find things. I sold a bundle of candy bracelets & "treasures" from my Visualicious shop right after I got here. This makes crafting more stressful. I was comfortably set up to do business in Ocala with the postal service, supply chains and internet. Now everything changes. The post office here doesn't stock the boxes I used there, so I have to order online. None of the grocery chains carry what I need to make bonbons... Ugh! Even though I was only transferring my internet account, it took two weeks to move email addresses and get all my websites to recognize a new IP address. To top it all off...everyone wants a piece of my pie...money here, money there.

I hope to soon be working some new things for the upcoming holiday season quickly approaching. Hopefully now I can get back on track and get some new things up. Of course this means I'll have to tear myself away from grandchildren who take turns sneaking my candies and have taken over my lap! Wish me luck.

July 11, 2009

U N V E I L I N G ... PENS

You... dear friends and followers, are the first to see
my new line of one-of-a-kind pens.

Weighty and unique they fit wonderfully in your hand, write smoothly, and protect clothing with a simple twist to retract the pen tip.

Each one is different from the others so...no one else will have a pen like yours. I can also make customs with your symbol or name pressed in.

In the next few days, I'll be listing them for sale in my AngeeArt shop. If you want one, then you better run on over right away and scoop up your favorite. I may make similar ones in the future but most likely no others will be exactly like these.

Finally being creative again while I wait on my nail license so, I hope you like them. Let me know what you think.

June 17, 2009

Certified Nail Specialist

Okay... I'M A SHOW OFF!
I decided to earn consistent pay for doing the tiny art I love to do so much. On June 9, 2009, after 240 hours of specialized secondary technical study, I became a certified nail specialist! I'm so excited because there's repeat demand for this kind of art. Can't wait to begin building my business!

I needed some way of showing off my skills and work; something easy to take with me... beautiful, lightweight, and impressive, to show salon owners with prospective rental space. To display my nail art and nail enhancement skills, I came up with a memorable "portfolio." Creating this necklace turned out to be a super fun project in and of itself although a little on the gaudy side. It certainly serves its purpose.
Various types of artificial nail enhancements, polish, paint, and original nail art designs were applied to professional tips of all sizes. I made holes in them, added links, and spaced them all out on a copper chain. It's easy to get on and off for viewing and hands-on inspection. The necklace looks pretty good when I wear it with all black. Can't wear formal to an interview though!
From left to right, this photo shows the variety of enhancements
and the whole necklace:
1. Tiny blue nail, painted leaves, embellished 3D flower and
metallic blue french edge
2. White tip with silver glitter french manicure, tiny clay
flowers, and sparkling gems
3. Rainbow colored metallic paint drips down and tiny pearl
dots climb up
4. Gloss black tip with dichroic slides and an embedded copper
glass bead
5. Hot pink gloss polish base with hand painted white bow,
flowers, stickers and gems
6. Natural tip with applied acrylic pink and white is painted
with black, white and metallic gold in a jewel tone design
7. Dichroic slide embedded in clear and white acrylic on a
clear tip. Tiny rhinestones buttoned down the center, finish
the look
8. Totally painted fine art, this tip has a gloss black polished
background night sky with metallic blue water, green palm
tree and golden moon
9. Pink and white application on a white nail with a 3-D gem
and embellished white motif
10. Vivid red high gloss nail with white flower and green leaf
embedded nail polish creates an enameled cloisonne effect
11. Ahhh Mardigras! Clear acrylic on a clear tip with glitzy
paints of all colors, very hot pink french manicure tip, and
sparse clear gold glitter topcoat
12. Shiny gloss black formal pinky nail with metallic gold
dots and tiny heart outline

May 23, 2009

Custom Sculpted Ink Pens

Just wanted to share photos of a couple of custom sculpted writing pens I made as gifts this past Christmas. They were so much fun to make. I ordered more sets and will be creating some new ones to list soon in my AngeeArt shop.

This first one is sculpted to look like a deep brown piece of tree branch with golden highlights and sealed with a clear varnish overlay. It's a classy impressive and weighty pen with gold trimmings.

The pens turn to expose the tip and also twist open to replace the ink cartridge. They also have clips not seen in the photo. Guaranteed no one will mistake your pen for theirs. They're one of a kind .

This second one has copper colored star flowers with gold metal seed bead centers embedded in a chocolate background. It has copper colored trimmings and shirt clip.

Each one of the new listings will be different than these... truly unique one-of-a-kind pens. If you're interested in ordering a custom designed pen, message me here to open a dialogue on your specifics and include a contact number or address and I'll catch up with you.

May 22, 2009

Chosen for EtsyStalker!

So cool... I got stalked by EtsyStalker! They loved my WonderWorks shop and featured my little duckie pull toy in one of their articles about miniatures. That's so sweet.

Have a look... go to this particular page to check it out: EtsyStalker.com They featured some of the coolest miniature makers I've met on Etsy so it's a true honor to be added among them.

And... to Beatrice and Violet from the EtsyStalker.com website... thanks so much for the honor of being included in your interesting and educational feature.

May 5, 2009

Really Beautiful Edible Jewelry

There's nothing like a pile of really cute, bracelets and necklaces strung on elastic bands that are honest-to-goodness, fruity tasting candy jewelry.

As promised here are photos of my latest invention..."Fruity Cuties!" I experimented and came up with an unusual way of flavoring these crunchy treats so that my colorful candy jewelry is loaded with tangy & tasty identifiable flavors that are delish! Of course I can't tell you how it's done or I'd give up the secret. But, they're fruity gorgeous and come in the following colored flavors:

~ Red=Raspberry
~ Blue=Blueberry
~ Orange=Peach
~ Pink=Strawberry
~ Brown=Chocolate
~ Yellow=Pineapple
~ Purple=Grape
~ Green=Cherry
~ White=Vanilla
Tootie-Fruity Salad

PeachBerry Grape
Pineapple Peach
Simply Strawberry
Strawberry & Blue
Blueberry Pineapple Necklace & Bracelet Set
Flowers & Hearts Necklace & Bracelet Set
Chocolate & Vanilla Necklace

April 22, 2009

New Newz

Wow...missed this! It's been awhile since I last posted, but, although I still have bouts of sadness, life has gone on. To catch up, thought I'd share the latest things sold and what I'm currently working on that you can look forward to seeing soon.

♥ Sold my most favorite painted stone ... "Little Zeb" the zebra. The customer was totally pleased with him so he was adopted in March and will now bring smiles to another home. Some of these stone creatures seem like pets to me and are hard to let go of. In this economy all sales are welcome, but I'll still miss him.

I have a whole house full of originals that I'd be happy to see go. Last week a friend commented that I had too many things in my apartment that now looks like a custom boutique. It would be great if I could fill an actual shop as opposed to a living space! This ... my dream for the future.

♥ Sold a dozen cute, candy bracelets for a girly b-day party. I'm adding some super tasting fruity-cuties to my Visualicious shop so will have pics of those up in a few days.

♥ Got the go ahead on the color and image style for a children's book I'm illustrating.

I'll share more of these with you when I get the finals scanned.

♥ Received a commission to do another huge Marilyn Monroe painting for the same customer I painted her for last June. (See June 2008 blogspot) He's gotten so many wonderful comments on her in his Atlanta home, he wanted another to grace his local home.

♥ And finally, I'm attending night classes to become a licensed nail specialist. I'll be done the first of June. Can't wait to show off some 3-D & painted nail art. Will certainly add pics as I go along.

That's it for now. Enough on this plate... don't ya think?

March 5, 2009

A Month of Losses

Seems like I totally missed the month of February. It was filled with deeply painful losses. I'm still in the numb feeling fog of it all, anticipating an eruption of emotion sooner or later.

My mother, artist, author, and artistic mentor, passed away on Feb 7th. She was full of knowledge, my lifelong creative inspiration and teacher. We buried her in a family plot next to my youngest brother on Feb 13th. My last completed project with her was editing and doing the cover art for her book... "I Made God Laugh!" by Nan Hough, published in 2007.

As a result, my middle brother and now only living family member had five gran mal seizures, gashed his head open, had stitches, and spent seven days in the hospital where they kept him heavily sedated for three. He suffered temporary memory loss and had to relive our family deaths over again.

My ex-husband and father of my adult children, passed away on Feb 23rd. His funeral was on the 28th which my 24 year old daughter managed to attend in a wheelchair after having emergency surgery from a ruptured ectopic pregnancy on the 27th.

I lost my mother, ex-husband, and a grandchild. My brother's seizures were the most horrifying experiences of my life. Needless to say, February was not an inspired month ... I created nothing except an obituary and a picture board that held many memories.

"I Made God Laugh!" by Nan Hough is available at: iUniverse.com, Barnes & Noble.com, Books-a-Million.com, Amazon.com, and Borders.com. Book retails for $31.95 + shipping.

February 1, 2009

New Whimsy Houses

Long time no see! I have been so busy filling orders and making new things I've hardly had time to post. This is a good thing! Wanted to update by sharing my newest editions to the Whimsy House series. They measure a tiny 2 .5" x 2 .5" Take a look at the listings in my WonderWorks Shop to get all the 3-D views.
A customer collector who ordered the Classic Gingerbread House,
and the Halloween House recently wrote:
"Hi Angee, I got them a few days ago, and I must say that when I took them out, I literally gasped. They are so amazing!..."

As each piece in the series gets added, I just love the whole collection together. I want to keep them all and never sell them! :o}

Click on the titles of the new Whimsy Houses to take you to their pages. Then, please let me know what you think!

The Winter Ice-Dragon Castle
January 2009 release...A cold winter castle with ice-dragon,
lockness monster, tiny ducks, and glassy moat with draw bridge.

The Sweetheart Gingerbread Hotel
Released for the love month February 2009 this tiny little
hotel makes you want to shrink and spend the weekend there!

The Whimsy Love Sweet Shop
Another February release celebrating how sweet love can be.
Lacey, frilly and filled with sweet things, it's the perfect collector
gift for any sweetheart.

The Shroom Garden Whimsy Hut
Release for March 2009... A fantasy gathering of creatures and
mushroom dwellings that one might find deep in the woods.


January 6, 2009

Happy New Year

Here's wishing everyone a most prosperous New Year! I'm back from my visit home and brought with me wonderful memories of time shared with my family this past Christmas. For the first time since they have all become adults I got to spend time with my kids, their partners, and all my grandchildren. It was a very blessed holiday.