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July 9, 2008

Does God Laugh?

Last year I spent a good amount of time editing and designing the cover of Nan Hough's new book, "I Made God Laugh!" She has had great success with it so far, and I'm proud to be involved. So, thought I'd give her a little blog blurb to share it with all of you.

It was published online by iUniverse which in itself was a unique and unusual experience. The process was "virtually" pain free. The finished 6" x 9" x 1.25" book contains a full 521 pages with a lovely professional looking glossy cover. My cover design began with a photo taken years ago in her backyard and reproduced wonderfully! She's already sold almost 100 books which is amazing since it was just published the first of March.

Want to purchase one? They retail for $31.95+shipping and are available at: iUniverse.com, Barnes & Noble.com with free shipping, Books-a-Million.com, Amazon.com, and Borders.com. You can also order directly from her for $30+shipping through this blog post by submitting contact info in a comment.

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