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March 26, 2011

itty bitty new stuff

"Rustic Castle" Tiny Rustic Castle for Boy or Girl's Dollhouse Room

"Rustic Castle" magic has,

A tiny cobblestoney path,

That leads to green tree snuggled gate,

Beneath the purple tower place,

Where every girl's Rapunzel fair,

Lets down her silken golden hair.

On the back sweet balcony,

With climbing vines and smallest leaves,

Where Romeo declares his woes,

To all the dragons far below.

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March 17, 2011

Eensie Weensie Pink Flamingos

I'm a proud mama!

Just had to share my latest custom order that was the challenge of all challenges... a flock of 1/4" = 1' scale (one quarter inch equals one foot) Flamingos!

That means that the smallest Flamingo that measures just about three feet tall in realtime would measure 3/4" in this scale. And so, they do!

Approx 3/4" tall and, most measure 5/8" long from tail to beak. :)

So tiny with wire legs, so sweet and cute all dressed in pink!

Ah yes, the pics make them look red, but alas, they are flaming flamingo pink in realtime.

Made the first flock. Because they were so small I was afraid they would quickly burn when curing, so, under-cured them and they fell apart.
Several survived so when I made the second batch I included the first batch's leftovers and they turned purple from curing too long. Ugh! But wait! What if I made whole flocks of different colored flamingos...yeah, and then what about flamingo earrings?