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October 19, 2010

A Bird in the Hand!

These are my newest listings from WonderWorks... a rash of bird inspirations. :)

A while back I was inspired to make an itty bitty Flamingo. He's just the right size, measuring a whole 1.25" tall and resembles all those plastic pink things in Florida yards that everyone kids about!

So... the Flamingo inspired the Goose.

A wonderful little piece to include in any dollhouse garden area or even sweet for a child's mini room box.

And finally, the Goose inspired the Swimming Swan.

When researching the Swan, I found out they carry their babies on their backs. Didn't know that. So making her, taught me something new.

How sweet! So, of course I had to add three wee little ugly duckling babies that can be removed from the Mom's winged back to trail along behind her.
I can make a whole gaggle of geese, or a swarm of swans (jk) if you want some for your room box. Just get in touch and I'll be glad to whip some up for you!

Hope you like them.

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