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July 5, 2010

American Nails

Happy Birthday America!

Yes, a little late, but celebrated with these funky fun July 4th fingernail paintings. I'm sharing them in honor of Independence Day. Done yesterday, they'll provide a good bit of fun for the rest of the week!

Five year old Katelynn, loved her nails. Red, white and blue stripes with tiny dots got her all excited. Then the glitter topcoat gave them a subtle sparkle so, she was more than ready for the evening fireworks.

Michelle enjoyed an intricately colorful "Stars and Stripes Forever" rendition of these celebration fingernails.

Half red, half blue with skinny white stripes, white flower stars and tiny white dots completed the look.

Thick clear gloss topcoat will protect them and keep them flying for quite a few more days. Pure fun for a Happy Birthday USA time.

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