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September 23, 2010

OMG! Hey!

I have forgotten all about you sweet little blog. So busy coming and going and doing and creating I have neglected to post. Sigh! Please forgive.

To catch you up on my latest endeavors...here goes.
In the last few weeks I was commissioned to make some Mod Mini Furniture for a client that makes music videos. Really curious to see and hear, although I may never get to. Anyway, here's hoping he'll let me check it out when finished.
Original funiture photo used to create from.

This is the finished set I created (sculpted) made to look like the furniture in the photo. Keep in mind, the photo furniture is realtime and mine is 1:12 scale. It was awesomely hard (since I had never done anything like it before) but so much fun to make.

Before doing this, I added these to my mini toy line in my WonderWorks Shop. Mostly boy toys that seem to be few and far between.

So, these little guys are now part of my new mini family. Oh yeah, I also sold a xylophone and my pale blue OOAK shiny vase.


And now my latest... I've opened a new shop on Etsy. For all this time I've avoided selling any graphic work (that I have a career in) there, because it sells so cheaply. Finally decided that selling pre-made designs isn't really so bad. So, make sure you go have a look see. If you need any graphic work give me a shout! :) http://HeadlineDesign.etsy.com

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