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August 14, 2010

My Art & Vintage Was Included!

Okay, you know the saying "What goes around comes around." Well if you recall, awhile back I had a hay day making treasuries on Etsy. Posted them here because I wanted to share them with someone besides those included! I really had a great time hunting and finding some Etsy 'awesomeness', collecting and coordinating them together. I even found a couple of artists for interviews on my
Creative Class Blog.

Shortly after my treasury spree, I began receiving messages from people who had included some of my items in their treasuries. I didn't know any of these people and none had been in the treasuries I curated. To top it all off they were all really well done. WooHoo! (click on all the links and have a look-see)

First, Jane included my antique cast iron and silverplate corn daggers from AngeeArt in this thank-you treasury for answering in a forum post. "Thanks For The Memories"

Second, oddly enough right after the daggers, MS added my vintage ceramic corn cob bowls from AngeeArt to this very fun summer corn collection. You have to see this one! "As Corny As Kansas In August"

Third, Lily wrote, "I featured your pretty placemats in a treasury-check it out!" My placemats from AngeeArt, made from an original pencil illustration went in this one. "Chick Is Bananas"

Fourth, Heidi wrote, "I picked your beautiful stone portrait for my CATS treasury! So, my cat on stone was included in this sweet kitty treasury. He looks so good there. "Cats!"

And finally, Rose wrote, "Your lovely item is here in my Blue and Cream Vintage guide." My aunt's gorgeous ceramic tea & coffee service was chosen for "
Blue and Cream Vintage"

Can you believe this? Yep, it's true...pay-backs are heaven! ;-}

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