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June 17, 2009

Certified Nail Specialist

Okay... I'M A SHOW OFF!
I decided to earn consistent pay for doing the tiny art I love to do so much. On June 9, 2009, after 240 hours of specialized secondary technical study, I became a certified nail specialist! I'm so excited because there's repeat demand for this kind of art. Can't wait to begin building my business!

I needed some way of showing off my skills and work; something easy to take with me... beautiful, lightweight, and impressive, to show salon owners with prospective rental space. To display my nail art and nail enhancement skills, I came up with a memorable "portfolio." Creating this necklace turned out to be a super fun project in and of itself although a little on the gaudy side. It certainly serves its purpose.
Various types of artificial nail enhancements, polish, paint, and original nail art designs were applied to professional tips of all sizes. I made holes in them, added links, and spaced them all out on a copper chain. It's easy to get on and off for viewing and hands-on inspection. The necklace looks pretty good when I wear it with all black. Can't wear formal to an interview though!
From left to right, this photo shows the variety of enhancements
and the whole necklace:
1. Tiny blue nail, painted leaves, embellished 3D flower and
metallic blue french edge
2. White tip with silver glitter french manicure, tiny clay
flowers, and sparkling gems
3. Rainbow colored metallic paint drips down and tiny pearl
dots climb up
4. Gloss black tip with dichroic slides and an embedded copper
glass bead
5. Hot pink gloss polish base with hand painted white bow,
flowers, stickers and gems
6. Natural tip with applied acrylic pink and white is painted
with black, white and metallic gold in a jewel tone design
7. Dichroic slide embedded in clear and white acrylic on a
clear tip. Tiny rhinestones buttoned down the center, finish
the look
8. Totally painted fine art, this tip has a gloss black polished
background night sky with metallic blue water, green palm
tree and golden moon
9. Pink and white application on a white nail with a 3-D gem
and embellished white motif
10. Vivid red high gloss nail with white flower and green leaf
embedded nail polish creates an enameled cloisonne effect
11. Ahhh Mardigras! Clear acrylic on a clear tip with glitzy
paints of all colors, very hot pink french manicure tip, and
sparse clear gold glitter topcoat
12. Shiny gloss black formal pinky nail with metallic gold
dots and tiny heart outline


  1. Congratulations! Beautiful work!!! Just love Mardi Gras and Rainbow!


  2. Un trabajomaravilloso,llenode color y creatividad,las plumas bellas de verdad,gracias por compartir este blog..besos Victoria