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October 11, 2009

I'm Back!

Seems like forever since I posted! Great to be here again. I appreciate the new followers and the great uplifting comments while I was away.

Spent the last couple of months moving to the NW Florida panhandle area to be closer to my family. Talk about creative. Moving in itself is a major project, but these days its harder and costlier. I had gathered way more "things" in my work room than realized, including loads of art & craft supplies. I might be opening another store on Etsy filled with vintage and overstock to lighten that load.

I'm still not settled in completely which makes it difficult to find things. I sold a bundle of candy bracelets & "treasures" from my Visualicious shop right after I got here. This makes crafting more stressful. I was comfortably set up to do business in Ocala with the postal service, supply chains and internet. Now everything changes. The post office here doesn't stock the boxes I used there, so I have to order online. None of the grocery chains carry what I need to make bonbons... Ugh! Even though I was only transferring my internet account, it took two weeks to move email addresses and get all my websites to recognize a new IP address. To top it all off...everyone wants a piece of my pie...money here, money there.

I hope to soon be working some new things for the upcoming holiday season quickly approaching. Hopefully now I can get back on track and get some new things up. Of course this means I'll have to tear myself away from grandchildren who take turns sneaking my candies and have taken over my lap! Wish me luck.

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