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February 1, 2009

New Whimsy Houses

Long time no see! I have been so busy filling orders and making new things I've hardly had time to post. This is a good thing! Wanted to update by sharing my newest editions to the Whimsy House series. They measure a tiny 2 .5" x 2 .5" Take a look at the listings in my WonderWorks Shop to get all the 3-D views.
A customer collector who ordered the Classic Gingerbread House,
and the Halloween House recently wrote:
"Hi Angee, I got them a few days ago, and I must say that when I took them out, I literally gasped. They are so amazing!..."

As each piece in the series gets added, I just love the whole collection together. I want to keep them all and never sell them! :o}

Click on the titles of the new Whimsy Houses to take you to their pages. Then, please let me know what you think!

The Winter Ice-Dragon Castle
January 2009 release...A cold winter castle with ice-dragon,
lockness monster, tiny ducks, and glassy moat with draw bridge.

The Sweetheart Gingerbread Hotel
Released for the love month February 2009 this tiny little
hotel makes you want to shrink and spend the weekend there!

The Whimsy Love Sweet Shop
Another February release celebrating how sweet love can be.
Lacey, frilly and filled with sweet things, it's the perfect collector
gift for any sweetheart.

The Shroom Garden Whimsy Hut
Release for March 2009... A fantasy gathering of creatures and
mushroom dwellings that one might find deep in the woods.



  1. They are all wonderful...I can see why you have been busy!

  2. These are just beautiful!! I love the Ice castle the best but the shroom garden is a close 2nd! Thanks for sharing!! ~ Tracy