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April 22, 2009

New Newz

Wow...missed this! It's been awhile since I last posted, but, although I still have bouts of sadness, life has gone on. To catch up, thought I'd share the latest things sold and what I'm currently working on that you can look forward to seeing soon.

♥ Sold my most favorite painted stone ... "Little Zeb" the zebra. The customer was totally pleased with him so he was adopted in March and will now bring smiles to another home. Some of these stone creatures seem like pets to me and are hard to let go of. In this economy all sales are welcome, but I'll still miss him.

I have a whole house full of originals that I'd be happy to see go. Last week a friend commented that I had too many things in my apartment that now looks like a custom boutique. It would be great if I could fill an actual shop as opposed to a living space! This ... my dream for the future.

♥ Sold a dozen cute, candy bracelets for a girly b-day party. I'm adding some super tasting fruity-cuties to my Visualicious shop so will have pics of those up in a few days.

♥ Got the go ahead on the color and image style for a children's book I'm illustrating.

I'll share more of these with you when I get the finals scanned.

♥ Received a commission to do another huge Marilyn Monroe painting for the same customer I painted her for last June. (See June 2008 blogspot) He's gotten so many wonderful comments on her in his Atlanta home, he wanted another to grace his local home.

♥ And finally, I'm attending night classes to become a licensed nail specialist. I'll be done the first of June. Can't wait to show off some 3-D & painted nail art. Will certainly add pics as I go along.

That's it for now. Enough on this plate... don't ya think?

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