"I'm so creatively right brained... I lean!"

September 2, 2008


It's already September again. Seems like yesterday was January. Guess time does fly as you get older. But, I do so much love Fall, even though it's hard to tell here in Central FL. This month I'll be another year older and...better I hope. Some days I want to go back and do it all again differently, then there are other days I realize, (now that my head's screwed on a little straighter) I could have a good thirty productive years left. Better jump up and get on it! There's way too much to get done before I choose to expire!

♥ A new line of note cards with my own home grown, pressed, and dried flowers printed on translucent vellum. It's a cover that goes over a notecard printed with another arrangement so it winds up looking like a whole dimensional bouquet.

A sneak peek at my new series of chunky, manly, oxidized copper pendants and key fobs. I just love these, and can't wait to see how they fare once I finish editing the photos and list them.

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