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September 20, 2008

Gingerbread Whimsy House Series

My first mini Gingerbread house (that I'm saving for Christmas) was so much fun to create, that I had to make another! This Halloween Gingerbread Whimsy House, was the second, and has now inspired a whole new limited edition "Gingerbread Whimsy House" Series.

Halloween Whimsy House is made on a 1:12 scale (1-inch=1-foot) used by miniature dollhouse collectors. So, for example, this tiny house will fit nicely on a dollhouse kitchen table! The 3-D tiny gingerbread scene has the following elements, all handmade as well: a hanging bat, licorice fence posts & other licorice candies, lollipops, candy corn, a painted spider web, rooftop snail, green toad, ghost, pumpkins, scarecrow, copper smokestacks, and a dead tree trunk to boot. They come wax anchored in a square crystal acrylic collector case that's stackable. (cute to display if you get the whole collection) and also have a hanging ribbon so they can be used as ornaments.

Sign up for the series and buy this one at WonderWorks.

Gosh they're fun! So, I'm doing a whole series of collector gingerbread houses for all holidays. I'll be adding two other Halloween/Fall houses in the next week. Then will come Thanksgiving, and finally this year, I'll be able to reveal the Christmas Gingerbread House already done. Can't wait for you to see that!

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