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August 27, 2008

Circle of Friends

Titled "Sea Circle" I entered this piece into the MiniMakers Vs. Mud Team Challenge. One team creates or chooses items to inspire the other team's presentations. Those pieces are then displayed on the Mud Team's website. (The Mud team does full sized pottery) I created the little avatar for teammates to display on their Etsy shops to advertise the challenge. Voting is open this week.
Go here to vote for my entry.

I entered the Military Brats team "Fall Into Autumn Challenge" with this grouping of tiny desserts, kitty and pumpkins. I might win a beautiful stained glass piece from this challenge.

Too much work to do, and that is a great thing. Got honored in three Etsy Treasurys within the last week and that means although not purchasing, people are seeing and admiring my work. The teams I've joined have introduced me to some new friends all over the country and that's exciting. Having virtual friends keeps living a 'lone' existence from being lonely. I never feel lonely with a telephone, puter, and lots of art supplies!

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