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August 18, 2008

"Visualicious" Announcement

BELIEVE IT OR NOT... EVERYTHING IN THIS POST CAN BE EATEN... and it's all in my new shop. Seemed like it took forever to get it open, and finally it's done. Here are a few sample photos of what you'll find there. Wanted to share it with everyone just for fun! Yum! Remember...they can all be eaten, it's candy!

Meet "Candi" the Pink Peppermint Poodle Pendant. She's made from crunchy, peppermint flavored sugar paste candy.

This is my colorfully sculpted, vanilla fondant, Edible Art Scene, that covers a giant chocolate bar! Decadent.

As pretty as they are delicious... My fudge, almond and fruit filled "Treasures" are wrapped in beautiful little fondant packages.

These are called Cupcake Corsages! Sit them on cupcakes or send them alone as gifts.

Let me know what you think of this latest creative endeavor. :o} Angee

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