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January 21, 2011

Love Stuff

Gettin' Ready for Valentines?
Here are some of my most current beautimous listings
getting attention over at AngeeArt

Sweet Hearted Butterfly Pendant Necklace

This latest clay design is probably my favorite of them all. Rustic with a simulated oxydized copper finish, my one-of-a-kind cutout Butterfly Pendant Necklace rocks. The back closure is a sweet decorative copper heart magnet that is easy to hook and unhook so taking it off is a breeze. This is stunning when worn with a basic black dress for formal occasions or just as appealing with jeans for casual wear. Learn more
Freeform Sculpted Purple Heart Pendant with Glitzy Sparkles

Thought I'd get a jump on Valentines this year and share my newest creations that might appeal to those that need some... LOVE STUFF.

Sculpted Clay Broken Heart Pendant with a Coppery Finish

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