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May 27, 2011

Wonder Worked Vignettes

"Champagne Celebration for Two"

Thought I'd share my most recent little series of inspirations. I made a few tiny dollhouse 1:12 scale bottles. After painting labels on them I wound up adding other coordinating pieces to make little vignettes. I think they're cute and plan on putting a couple in my "rehabed" dollhouse when the time comes. Check them all out below. Click on the photo titles to go to their shop pages at WonderWorks for more photos and descriptions. You can even easily and safely purchase there through PayPal.

I also realized I could make just the bottles into pendants for those who love their cuteness but are necessarily collectors of miniatures. So, I am now taking custom orders, with personalized labels!


Everyone enjoys a nice cool beer poured into an ice cold glass along with their pizza supremes! These vignettes include the trays ... metallic gold, pewter, woodgrain, and shabby white to arrange them on.

"Supreme Pizza & Beer"

Finally a little red vino and grapes on a warm lazy afternoon. It would look so real on a tiny table between two chairs, stationed on a dollhouse porch.

"Wine & Grapes for Two"

Enjoy! See more newly listed things at http://WonderWorks.etsy.com

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  1. Holy cow, your stuff is so tiny and delicate. Amazing! I especially like the pizza.