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November 16, 2008

Fondant Artisans Arise

Most people drive to work in the mornings. Those, such as myself, who are internet artisans arise, go for the coffee, and begin their day online. We drive computers and cameras to be able to stock the virtual shelves in our shops! See this photo example.

These gourmet edible sculptured "Assorted Beauties," are now listed in my Visualicious Shop. They make an excellent gift for those who are hard to shop for or anyone you want to impress with your (ahem)... good taste!

Anyway, I have been fairly anxious lately because I had over-used my camera borrowing power, and could no longer impose on my neighbors and friends. I haven't had the ability to feature my latest holiday inspired designs for this year yet, and it's been driving me crazy.

GREAT NEWS! My new camera arrived on Friday. Took some test pics yesterday and am excited about finally being able to get my 2008 Door Mouse Ornaments, my Gingerbread Bounty House, the Whimsey Pumpkin Mouse House and a couple of other works into a shop and available for sale. This is on my agenda for the coming week. So, be looking for new photos.

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  1. These pieces are amazing!! Your work is so beautiful!