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November 9, 2008


My Original Song "Fondle"
Hear me sing FREE while it lasts.

Found a site that lets you upload your original music for free. I have some original music that's just sitting around not being heard, so what have I got to lose? All songs begin as free downloads, then, as more people show interest and download them, little by little they go up in price... until you're famous! jk

So, I jumped on the bandwagon with "Fondle" a blues song co-written with Jay Sullivan and recorded in Destin, Florida in 2004. This is the song we chose to try out first. (if this does well there will be more) Sung by yours truly ..."me," we're hoping to get some download attention at an uprising price until we reach the max cost of .98 per. Downloads can also be used with your ipod.

We entered "Fondle" in the SongoftheYear.com's monthly contest a couple years ago and took honorable mention. But, since then, it's been only enjoyed by friends and family, so, now we'll see if they were all truthful about how they liked it.

Have a listen and Download it free while it lasts so I can get those prices moving up and supplement my income! lol! I'd also appreciate if you'd give it some feedback love right back here on this blog post.

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