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March 7, 2010

March to a Different Drummer

March means getting ready for Easter. I'm working on marzipan filled vanilla chicks and sweet chocolate fondant bunnies at Visualicious.

March came in like a cold lion and I hope it goes out like a warm, wooly lamb. I want to plant seeds and see them sprout.

March marks the first birthday I could not give my mother a gift. Her birthday was yesterday. That's a hard thing. But, I still have four close friend's to celebrate b-days with this month. It's a blessing they were born.

March will be the month I add vintage things left by my mother to my AngeeArt shop. My house smells like hers since I brought her things here. Some of the items she made, some I made for her, some things were made by my aunt, others I made for my aunt that mom inherited when she died. Most are vintage handmade and, a good majority are antiques. We were and are a creative family. Just don't have room for everything and... I'm tired of stepping over the memories. I hope to add photos of some of the more unusual things and share their stories here.


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