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October 10, 2008

I'm Still Here

New listings in my AngeeArt Shop sculpted from polymer clay with an oxidized copper metallic finish. I love their "well loved" look.

See, this is how it always goes. I start a blog and life takes over. Then, keeping up with it begins to take the back seat. Better late than never. Yep, hopefully I'll be as late to my funeral as I am to everything else!!!

My sculpture and calligraphy classes are moving along fine and I'm enjoying them greatly. Seems as soon as Friday rolls 'round I begin preparing for Monday. It's really lots of fun and my students are truly little whizzes; much smarter than I had anticipated. I may look into teaching an open community class on Saturdays. Oh yeah, here I go adding more stuff into the mix.

Spent this week getting into more things than I can comfortably handle, spreading myself almost too thin. But, staying busy gives me reason to wake early each morning and fulfill the responsibilities I've committed to, so, as "Mahtha" would say, "It's a good thing!"

Sold my beloved chunky cross pictured in the Sept. 2nd post as well as the first house in my Gingerbread Whimsy Series. It's the Sept. 20th post; the Halloween Whimsy House. I hated to see them go, but, the money soothes my pain. :o)

Here's the next house in the series; The Haunted Whimsy House. They're actually very tiny. Consider it fits comfortably on a table in a miniature 1 inch equals 1 foot scaled dollhouse. See what I mean?

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